AxxonSOFT - ISC WEST 2022

intelligent vms|ai video analytics
VSAAS Solutions

  • MARCH 23-25
  • 10 AM
  • Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, NV
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why Axxonsoft

Best-in-class integration & customization

AxxonSoft software offers best-in-class integration and customization capacity for building intelligent video surveillance and integrated security systems. You can select security equipment from an extensive list of ready-made integrations, use standard communications protocols, or demand integration of particular hardware into a project.

You will benefit from an attractive pricing policy and end-to-end support in projects of any scale and complexity. We offer a lifetime license or subscription, free updates and version upgrades, no hidden fees. We provide full project support for AxxonSoft partners, including sales and technical training, online and offline consultations, presale support, project cost estimation, and 24/7 tech support via service desk.

Breakthrough technologies

AI Video Analytics

We provide ready-made AI video analytics for common tasks such as human/vehicle detection, human posture recognition, and fire/smoke detection. As well, we implement a turnkey AI training program to meet your specific needs. To achieve the highest possible accuracy, we leverage your system with neural networks trained using videos from your actual site and suited to your particular tasks.

For example, we can prepare a neural network to detect specific object types from an unusual viewing angle and in difficult lighting conditions, with the possibility of using thermal imagers.

Similarity search helps quickly find similar people in video footage of multiple cameras.
multicamera TRACKING
Tracking follows objects across multiple camera FOVs based on appearance similarity.

Recognize potentially dangerous situations by detecting specific human poses: raised arms, man down, crouching person, etc.

Object identification

Track and count specific objects in challenging video surveillance scenes


Search across videos using multiple criteria, and perform quick face & license plate search in video footage of one or several cameras


Queue management, visitor counter, heat map, age & gender guesstimation, and positive/negative list check based on facial recognition


Detect fire hotspots in open spaces and other difficult areas

LPR/ANPR detection

Control vehicle access to facilities and track cars across recorded videos

VSaaS Solutions

Apply out-of-the-box monitoring of multiple remote sites with cloud-managed VMS featuring advanced web and mobile client applications and a powerful report engine. Build your own hosted or hybrid VSaaS solutions to offer your customers sophisticated AI analytics and smart search capabilities.

Choose the way that works best for you to deploy the cloud video surveillance system. Use your own computing infrastructure or rent it in a public cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.), taking advantage of zero upfront costs and maintenance fees, instant scalability, and world-class security and reliability ensured by the leading global cloud service providers.


Protect your VMS from unauthorized access with comprehensive security and password policies, including password strength control, prevention of multiple simultaneous sessions of the same user, account lockout after a set number of failed login attempts, a range of permissible IP addresses for client computers, and access to the server with administrator confirmation.

Apply system integrity checks to prevent unauthorized interference with your VMS. Ensure VSaaS user data safety with a strong password policy and password hashing, secure HTTPS connection and TLS-encrypted video streaming, and automatic logout/account locking settings.



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